Mare services

Please note that Harthill Stud operates according to the HBLB Codes of Practice on CEM, EVA, EHV, EIA and Guidelines on Strangles. As such, we will be unable to accept your horse onto the Stud without all necessary documentation and satisfactory health tests.

Essential tests for visiting mares:

EVA – blood test within 28 days prior to arrival
EIA – blood test within 28 days prior to arrival
CEM – (clitoral swabs) completed within the breeding year, and after any coverings prior to entry to the stud
Strangles – Blood test within 28 days of arrival

– All horses at Harthill Stud must be vaccinated against tetanus.
– Vaccination against Flu, EHV and rotavirus is recommended.
– Mares coming to foal must be vaccinated against EHV in months 5, 7 and 9 of their pregnancy.

Arrival Time: All arrivals to be by prior arrangement.
All relevant booking forms must be filled in and signed when the horse arrives at stud.

Visits: All visits to the stud to me made by appointment, and preferably co ordinated between 1pm and 3pm.


All the information given on the nomination form is required for issuing accurate covering certificates and producing accurate invoices. Any missing information may result in an inaccurate covering certificate or invoice being issued. It is the mare owner’s responsibility to ensure the stud receives all the relevant information as no responsibility will be accepted by Harthill Stud if covering certificates or invoices are inaccurate based on the information given. Any relevant forms must be completed and signed before the mare arrives, even if horses are sent by a Third Party (e.g. transport service)

Passports / Identification: It is a legal requirement that horses are accompanied to stud with their passport. These will be checked on arrival, for the records of vaccinations and that the declaration has been signed in the Passport concerning administration of medicinal treatments (DEFRA regulations).


We invoice on a monthly basis and expect settlement within 20 days of date of invoice. The final account for all board fees, veterinary work, other costs incurred and outstanding invoices must be paid before the horses leave Harthill Stud. Horse owners who send a third party to collect their horse must make arrangements to pay in advance of collection. Horses will not be allowed to leave before payment is made in full. Payment are accepted by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. (Credit cards charged at 2.5%). Interest will be charged on overdue accounts. VAT will be charged on all accounts.

Veterinary work is invoiced by Cheshire Equine Clinic and in the same way, their invoice must be settled before collection. Please respect the Clinic’s wishes by giving us 48 hors notice of collection.

Stud Terms

If a mare bred to a Harthill stallion (Ramiro B, Arkol, Peppermill) is certified ‘not in foal’ on or by October 1st of the year in which she is bred, a N.F.F.R is offered. For external stallions different terms may be applicable.

It is the mare owner’s responsibility to inform Harthill Stud if their mare is scanned not in foal on or before 1st October (certified by their vet in writing) to be eligible for the N.F.F.R. Any N.F.F.R claims after 1st October may be forfeited.

The exception to this is Power Blade for whom all non-pregnant mares certified by Oct 1st all receive a 100% stud fee refund. Late certification by your vet will forfeit this refund.

Further info

Farrier: All mares must have hind shoes removed before arrival. Horses will have their feet trimmed when necessary and any costs charged to the owner’s account. Any specific shoeing requirements must be notified to Harthill Stud when the mare is booked in.

Worming: Mares and foals will be wormed on arrival – mares with Equest and foals with Panacu. These will be charged to the owner. All horses will have worm egg counts (and be wormed where necessary) in line with Harthill’s worm control policy devised in conjunction with Cheshire Equine Clinic. The owner will be charged for wormers and worm egg counts.

Veterinary Packages: All fees for ‘Set Fee’ packages for routine veterinary reproductive work carried out on a mare whilst at Harthill Stud will be invoiced directly to the owner by Cheshire Equine Clinic. CEC require their bill to be settled before the mare may leave Harthill.

Veterinary Care: If stud staff at anytime consider additional veterinary attention is required, or if any abnormality or issue is noted by our vet, we will endeavour to contact the owner before requesting extra attention. However, if the owner is not available for whatever reason, Cheshire Equine Clinic will administer the treatment they consider to be most appropriate and in the best interests of the horse and charge the owner accordingly. Any additional veterinary costs will be charged to the horse owner by CEC.

Insurance: Harthill Stud accepts no responsibility for visiting horses and does not carry insurance cover; it is the owner’s responsibility to provide their own insurance cover.

Horses whilst at Harthill Stud will receive every possible care, attention and supervision, but Harthill Stud accepts no responsibility whatsoever for accident, theft or disease, nor does Harthill Stud give any express or implied guarantee of success.

All mares are inseminated/ foaled at their owners risk and Harthill Stud is not to be liable for any damages or compensation in respect of any injury or damage howsoever caused to any mare/foal, including (but not limited to) those caused through artificial insemination/foaling.

Harthill Stud reserves the right to refuse entry to the stud to any horse in the event that any of these conditions are not complied with or where they consider that the horse is an unacceptable health risk.

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